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Mr. Rodi & Mrs. Wera Hubenthal


Rodi & Wera Hübenthal


Norwegians, living in Sweden


Their ”doglife” begain after they met in school in 1961. He had a Norwegian Buhund at that time, Wera had a Whippet. They started with Dobermann; showing, obedience and later on with breeding. During more than 40 years they have in addition to Dobermann; been involved with German Pinscher, Min.Pin., Giant Schnauzer, Whippet and Briard. Their breeding stock have been imported from Sweden and Finland (Dobermann),England (Dobermann & Briard), Germany (Dobermann & German Pinscher), Israel (Min.Pin) and USA (Briard). About 150 dogs with the prefix ”Picador” have become Champions, not only in Scandinavia – puppies are exported to several countries.

At the moment there are no more dogs in the house, due to the judging around the  world.


Rodi has been involved in severel committees during this time; among them the founder and chariman of The Norwegian Pinscher Club and The Norwegian Briard Club; chairman of The Norwegian Dogjudges Association; member of the Norwegian Kennel Club’s education committee. Wera was in The Standard Committee for some years when they still lived in Norway.


He started as a Judge in 1969, his first breeds was Dobermann, Rottweiler and the Sighthounds (Group 10).He was working with his education until 1992 when he became an All-breed judge. Wera was working as a steward in nearly 20 years before she started as a judge in 1984with some of the spitzbreeds. In 1998 she became an All-breed jugde.


This fantastic hobby has brougt them all over the world; beeing a part of shows such as World-Winner in Copenhagen, Bern, Vienna, Helsinki, Milan, Poznan and Herning. In Asia they have visit India, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and Japan.

Indonesia is the Aisian country they have visit most often; and always love to come back to.

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